I welcome you to my blog.

This is my first post on my new creative adventure. Inside this website-blog  I, on the one hand will present my work on photography, on the other hand will write down my personal opinions over photography, present my photography travels, upload landscape photography lessons and general photography lessons, post on how to use your equipment and anything in general that has to do with the photographer, its camera and the surrounding environment.

Most blog-posts will both be written in Greek and English language. At least this is what I will strive because I ‘d like this site to expand beyond the close boundaries of my country Greece.  Several of my posts will be written only in English and others only in Greek of course.

I wish and I hope this web-site will not  just fulfill its purpose being only a creative corner inside the world wide web but will also act as a continuing life’s journey through the lens until the end of my time.


Elias Pentikis

Kavala, 08/09/2015

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