Verligka dragon lake trip

On June 2014 I and my good friend Stealing light / Spiros Pashos Photojournalism, we visited the site of Verligka dragon lake. A beautiful alpine scenery set over the spine of Pindus – Greece, on mount Lakmos at 2,050 meters above sea level.

r those who may be interested there is also a photo book sold on Blurb covering this story with 20 photos, from single frames to panoramas. You can find it here: Beautiful Pindus – Verligka alpine lake


Great Trapos alpine lake. This is one of the two “dragon” lakes, that lie on mount Lakmos. The specific alpine lake is located bellow the Great Trapos peak, which is one of the two major peaks that consist the Lakmos mount complex at 2.240m.

Great Trapos Alpine Lake


Strofiligkia. The water path that drives the melting snow to fill in the Verligka lake and thereafter to supply from this point the Achelous riverbed.




Verligka or Vrigga lake, which in Vlach language means “circle”. It is located at 2.050m on Lakmos mount occupying an area of about 10 acres whilst forming the beginning of river Achelous, the second largest river of Greece. The myth says that a giant beast or dragon or even possibly a black ram jumped once out of the rock, twirled around forming the Verligka lake and then lost forever inside the guts of Lakmos mount, where the water is lost underneath the rocks to fill in his travel the riverbed of Achelous.

Verligka Panorama


Click on the link bellow, to the dedicated gallery to see more photos:

Haliki village – Verligka alpine lake




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