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At times people ask me about this blog. They have asked what theme I use, who is the host of my site and other details. Some of those questions of course I can give answers but for other questions I don’t even have the knowledge to provide a proper answer.

So, my theme is made from Photocrati featuring the new nextgen gallery system and the host service is Siteground. Photocrati has evolved to Imagely, adding new themes and an option to provide hosting on their own, rather than depending to providers such as Siteground.  If you just want to buy a collections of themes and host it on your preferred provider then you may choose a Photocrati or an Imagely themes pack, but if you feel that the hosting plans of Imagely are within your budget then this is your way to go, because Photocrati does not provide hosting plans.

Some of you may ask why I didn’t choose a platform like Smugmug, Zenfolio or Wix. At that time when I had to choose between the above platforms or a photocrati oriented theme I realized that it was much cheaper to buy a wordpress theme and a hosting plan that combined protection for my work, was a blog site already, had an e-commerce option which I haven’t activated yet but it may come useful to me when I decide that I want it on and be flexible in a way I personally like it. For example If I want to, I can change the layout of my site by choosing another theme from the photocrati pack I’ve paid, or even change the way my galleries appear as the photocraty gallery system provides different looks such as thumbnails, filmstrips, slideshows and now with the nextgen system the management of the galleries is quite easy and intuitive.

I am not sure though If I did the best choice I could. After all there are many photography platforms out there, much more than the above four I have already mentioned and I can say that each one of them gets better and better providing more to their customers each year. However I am happy with my choice so far, as it has a touch of my personality, a touch of what I had in mind on how to showcase my work.

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